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C/C++/STL Multiplatform development |  Java |  Web Applications |  Database |  QA

C++ Development
We provide fast, multiplatform C/C++/STL application for Unix, Linux and Windows platforms.

Open source and Java based development using last technologies. Eclipse RCP implementations.

Web Applications
Web based, multi-tier distributed applications. eCommerce, online shops.

Database development
Support demanding transaction processing and content management applications.

Quality Assurance
Our products have to pass functionality, interoperability, load and performance tests.

KPMG Advisory pick out Cluj-Napoca as a 'location to watch' for the next outsourcing boom.
Deloitte consulting opens an office in Cluj-Napoca and identify the region as a very interesting and profitable business target.
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Outsourcing Software Development with Proform

In the developed economies more and more companies and governments outsource business processes that are not strategic to their mission to external service providers. They are looking to focus human and capital assets on core competencies, have quality services on all domains of their activity and in the mean time offload costs. Yet there is so much potential in what a well-matched outsourcing relationship can achieve.

Proform is an end-to-end software solutions provider located in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, one of the largest IT centers in Eastern Europe. As a customer oriented software outsourcing and consulting company we can help your organization to improve operational efficiencies, enhance information technology service levels, cover shortage of skilled developers and save costs.

Our outsourcing services range from new product design and development to sustain engineering and testing services in a variety of domains such as client-server applications, database applications and industrial applications.

Outsourcing to Cluj-Napoca, Romania means nearshoring for Western European countries, Romania is member of the European Union with the same legislation of intelectual property, they are no cultural gaps - Romania is part of the european culture and there is the timezone proximity. All software engineers are speaking at least one foreign language.

Proform's with his expertise in varied technology domains can help you whenever you need qualified developers or a consultancy team in one of our domain of expertize. We are looking for long term partnership with companies who need highly trained specialists for software development.