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Outsourcing Romania

Flexibility in skill sets and organizing

Recruiting candidates with the appropriate skill sets and experience and bringing them up to speed can be a difficult and time-consuming task, diverting resources from your mission. Outsourcing companies like Proform can fill out missing or insufficient resources of your company in the shortest time, have more projects and can manage staffing capacity much more efficiently, if you don't need our development anymore, we just reassign them to other task.

Experience and skills

Proform is developing software since 1996, all of our team members have several years of expertise in the field of business analysis, software design and project management of customized, fully integrated systems in a variety of solutions using up-to-day technologies available. We can offer access to new technologies, solutions and tools that our client may not currently possess, beside more structured technologies and procedures.

Outsourcing from Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Cluj-Napoca is an important financial and university center in Romania with a tradition in automation and computer science education, the main suppliers of IT specialists are the two prestigious universities: University Babes Bolyai and Technical University Cluj-Napoca. We recruit and select the best university graduates, every individual has special time allocated for studies.
Cluj-Napoca has an international airport with direct flights to major EU countries and connections to largest European airports. We do not need Schengen visa for European Union, so travel abroad to client side and keep contact isn't a problem.

Nearshoring means sourcing service activities to a foreign, lower-wage country that is relatively close in distance. The customer expects to benefit from one or more of the following constructs of proximity: geographic, temporal, cultural, linguistic, economic, political, or historical linkages. From this point of view Eastern Europe become a perfect nearshoring destination for western european countries.

Cluj-Napoca, Romania in the news

KPMG Advisory pick out Cluj-Napoca as a 'location to watch' for the next outsourcing boom. KPMG claims to have identified Cluj-Napoca among cities which are rapidly emerging as leading pretenders to the BPO crown. "There is a sizable opportunity for these new and emerging locations to swallow up a large proportion of the new outsourcing work which the credit crisis is apparently creating." - says KPMG Advisory.

Deloitte consulting opens an office in Cluj-Napoca and identify the region as a very interesting and profitable business target.

Computer Business Review magazine identify Romania has become a highly attractive sourcing destination for companies looking for business process outsourcing, offshore software engineering and contract manufacturing services, according to market reports.

Obelisk Investments tipps Cluj-Napoca, Romania as one of the world's best places for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).

Cost Benefits

The costs of offshore development are much lower than hiring programmers to fulfill your design, specially the software industry expenses depends very much on human resources expenses, we have prices hard to beat on developed countries.Our past experience with international clients makes us very confident that we deliver the best possible quality at significant lower price compared with developed countries software companies.

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Costs in Romania
See a study on a dedicated portal about romanian companies average prices who offer outsourcing services for the international software market.

Romanian Employers' Association of the Software and Services Industry (English version available).

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