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Multiplatform client-server application for automation

We have been participating to implement a platform-independent client-server application through which various kinds of systems and devices can communicate by sending Messages between Clients and Servers over various types of networks. It supports robust, secure communication that assures the identity of Clients and Servers and resists attacks.

As a platform independent software, was written in portable C++ language using the STL libraries and in house developed utilities. The transport layer uses TCP and SOAP web services over HTTP and is securized by SSL. The tests covered the following platforms: Unix, Linux, VxWorks(embedded) and Windows.

Eclipse plugin for automotive

In the automotive industry each electronic control unit should be configured according with the various electronic equipment installed and different communications protocols.

To facilitate the complex configuration and editing based on several protocols, a Java based rich client application was developed using Eclipse RCP.

The following technologies were used: Eclipse plugin platform, eclipse editors and other UI components, JAXB, JavaCC.

Integration in a distributed information system for a multinational company

The reinsurance group of the company has several subsidiaries worldwide, including Europe, Asia and U.S. linked together in a VPN. Our mission was to integrate the already existing, standalone, desktop win32 platform applications running at subsidiaries into the distributed J2EE-based information system of the headquarters.

The solution adopted rely on the commonly used HTTP 1.1 protocol, which is available on all used platforms. Each desktop win32 application loads our client dll, upload data via HTTP using this dll to the headquarters’ Sun Java System Application Server, here the data package is received by a Java Servlet and passed by JMS to a message driven bean which performs the Business Logic operations and store the results into an Oracle Enterprise DB Server.

This way the company obtained a distributed application capable of to input, process and store data from the subsidiaries, integrating them into the information system of the headquarters.

Distributed database application

Made for German lands, the project offers a complete solution for the urban planning departments, storing all real-estate data from localities, collection of building requests, support requests for building permit and generate the correspondent documents, building preliminary inquiries etc. (in accordance with form of a Land of the Federal Republic).

The application has a LAN version, with the client interface implemented with Centura and connected to the Oracle Enterprise database server via OCI.

The Internet version is implemented in Java, having the interface realized with Swing and connected to the database by JDBC.

Microsoft platform project

A data acquisition and recalculation system for turbo engines test cells made for a German aeronautical corporation, is a complex win32 application using MFC, COM, ATL and COM multithreaded apartments. The goal of this data acquisition system was to offer a friendly, fast way to the engineers to display, filter and recalculate steady state data from the engine's database.

The solution chosen is a complex information system based on COM-ATL Microsoft technology, the main module of this system is a COM-ATL server and expose his functionality through an automation interface, this way the engineers can write and run Visual Basic Scripts which are executed in distinct threads, making the test engineers tasks very easy.


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